A Man, a Motorcycle, a Drone, and the Great Migration


Christian Ghammachi wasn’t the first person to embark upon an epic motorcycle trip across Africa. But he may have been the first to bring a drone along to capture aerial footage of his adventure. The 11,000 mile journey, which lasted six months, took him to 15 countries, including Kenya, where his drone captured some great …

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Quad bikes in Kipsing Lugga, Northern Kenya

Kipsing is a very remote area of Northern Kenya, which lends itself to an unparalleled exclusive quad safari. Following century old elephant routes and tracks along sand luggas fringed with desert palms.  The attached video was taken on a recent quad biking safari when the guests were lucky enough to encounter a herd of elephants.  …

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Did you know  12th of August, 2015 is world elephant day? To mark the occasion we are focusing on Ithumba “elephant”  camp in the North of Kenya. In Tsavo East above the Galana River and between bush and acacia trees lies the exclusive and stylishly rustic self-catering private Ithumba  Camp designed for group travellers,  whom relish …

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Joe's family

Although Joe grew up in Kenya and had travelled around the country a lot with his parents he did not initially consider being a guide.  Even when he went to university to study biological science he was still not thinking about being a guide. It was around the time that Joe was considering his next …

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Discovering our Planet, WWF; Natural Habitat Safaris Partnership

20 elephants photographed walking across dry land in Amboseli. Kenya

World Wildlife Fund is the world’s leading environmental conservation organisation and it has partnered with Natural Habitat to offer exceptional wildlife experiences which include East African Safaris. Natural Habitat specialises in crafting exceptional adventures to East Africa’s premier safari destinations and we love nothing more than inspiring your sense of wonder and discovery through the creation of …

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A Mobile Approach to the Migration Experience


Joe Charleson has been on more safaris than it is possible to count but still indicates that a mobile safari is his favourite kind. “You have to imagine a group of people, family or friends, coming together with myself and the other guides for their own incredible journey!” When we go out with a group …

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Kenya or Tanzania: Which to Choose?


Natural Habitat Adventures and WWF offer migration-oriented tours to both Tanzania and Kenya. While wildlife sightings can never be guaranteed, both locales have generally offered thundering masses of wildebeest, zebras racing across the savannah and the drama that unfolds when predator encounters prey. But which to choose? During migration season in Tanzania, the massive herds …

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